The benefits of being a graduate in a global company entering a new market
18 Sep 2020 | Jake Wong Dao Jie (Graduate Engineer)

Jake Wong (seen with colleague Sarah Higgins) is the first graduate hired by Gamuda Australia.

The common pathway for engineering graduates is to join a large organisation where graduate positions are highly sought-after and extremely competitive.

Graduate roles have many benefits. They provide a career pathway for the graduates, but they also offer a pool of next-generation talent for both the businesses employing them, and the industry at large.

Generally speaking, one of the greatest benefits of graduate training positions is they enable graduates to gain exposure to many different areas of the organisation they have joined. They allow new starters to build relationships with expert mentors and gain valuable experience working on major projects.

I finished my civil engineering degree at Monash University in Victoria in 2018. Having completed an internship at MMC-Gamuda in Malaysia, I was privileged to join Gamuda here in Australia.

Yes, I have joined a leading global business, but I have also joined the Australian team in start-up mode as they enter a new market.

Gamuda entered Australia in March 2019 and I joined the team three months later when they had around 10 staff. In just eighteen months, Gamuda has grown to more than 25 team members in the local office (and more than 6000 globally!).

Joining Gamuda Australia as a graduate, I’ve enjoyed all the benefits of working in a large enterprise while contributing to Gamuda’s massive growth trajectory. I’ve spent structured time working with different teams and acquiring new skills across design management and coordination, assisting the team with ongoing EOIs and tenders.

I’ve also worked directly with senior team leaders on projects I normally wouldn’t be exposed to in a larger organisation. As a growing business, networking and business development have been an important focus, so I’ve been fortunate enough to meet with stakeholders and be a key part of the process introducing Gamuda to the Australian market.

Being the only graduate at the time of joining Gamuda Australia was sometimes a challenge, but a rewarding one. Developing initiative and effective problem-solving skills has been an important learning curve. Working as part of a smaller team has been invaluable in helping me develop both these skills and my knowledge as an engineer.

Having a part to play in Gamuda’s entry into the Australian market and working on tenders for our very first projects has been a unique and rewarding experience. While I’ve still got a lot of learning to do, I’m excited about contributing to Gamuda’s growing presence in Australia and continuing to work with such a dedicated and supportive team.

Jake Wong Dao Jie is a graduate engineer.