Gamuda paving the way for women to shine in the world of tunnelling
23 Aug 2023 | Gamuda

Together with Empowered Women In Trades (EWIT) Group, Gamuda Australia is paving the way for women to shine in the world of tunnelling.

At Gamuda Australia, we are thrilled to unveil an inspiring partnership with the Social Enterprise, Empowered Women in Trades. Together, we are embarking on a groundbreaking journey to introduce a PAID pre-employment program tailored exclusively for Women in Tunnelling.

Unlock your potential

The women in tunnelling project is your ticket to acquire hands-on skills, embark on a fulfilling career path, and join the dynamic realm of tunnel construction.

As a participant, you will delve into an enriching experience that encompasses both learning and growth all while receiving a competitive salary.

Positive Psychology, Human Skills & Psychological Safety

We believe in nurturing your holistic development, equipping you with not just technical skills, but also the emotional intelligence required to excel in your career.

2-week Paid Core-Competency Learning

Acquire essential units of competency such as working safely at heights, and safety using hand and power tools – a foundation for your future success.

Guided Site Tours and Comprehensive Tunnelling Insight

Immerse yourself in the world of tunnel construction through site tours and an in-depth exploration of various roles within the field.

Seamless Transition to Job Placement

As the program concludes, you’ll seamlessly transition into a fulfilling job role, ready to contribute your newfound expertise to real-world projects.

Personalised Mentoring

Our commitment doesn’t stop after the program ends. You’ll continue to receive ongoing one-on-one and group mentoring sessions, ensuring your growth remains out priority.

If you’re curious and seeking more information, we invite you to connect with us at [email protected]. We’re here to guide you through this experience.