Gamuda Launches Pit Stop Program to encourage collaboration across all its teams to enable a safer and more constructive work environment for all
05 Oct 2023 | Gamuda

Earlier this year, Gamuda Australia launched its own work-safe program called Enabling Work which was designed to place people at the very centre of how we do our work. Because when we collaborate, we have a better chance to focus on positive outcomes. At the same time, we remind ourselves that safe, responsible, and effective work is more than just a requirement. It’s an ethical responsibility shared by everyone at Gamuda.

Following the program’s success, and in recognition of National Safe Work Month – Gamuda is excited to launch Pit Stop – a new tool to support our Enabling Work approach.

Pit Stop recognises that people are the task expert, the Pit Stop campaign introduces a booklet, a short video and a micro learning experience designed to better connect people to the critical risks around them that will be rolled out across all sites in October.

A special thanks to those involved in rolling out this campaign across our projects with our staff, workers, and contractors who have embraced our Enabling Work initiatives to ensure for everyone’s safety, we work safely!