Electrified Double Track Project

Electrified Double Track Project

Project Value – AUD$4.62bn
EPCC Contractor

In a joint venture partnership with MMC Corporation, MMC-Gamuda worked alongside the Ministry of Transport in Malaysia to build a railway connecting four states and providing the nation with a key boost to its inter-city public transport network.

Consisting of two tunnels, seven main stations and spanning 329 kilometres, the Electrified Double Track Project (EDTP) involved the laying of two parallel electrified tracks linking the states of Perak, Kedah, Penang and Perlis. We also completed the electrification of the tracks and signalling systems.

The double track was designed to cater for electric trains that move at speeds between 140 - 160 kmph, drastically cutting down on the average travelling time by two thirds.

Since it began transporting passengers back in 2008, the line has handled more than 20 million passengers each year.

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