Yen So Sewage Treatment Plant

Yen So Sewage Treatment Plant

Project Value – AUD$340m
EPCC and Operator

At the time of its construction, the Yen So Sewage Treatment Plant in South Hanoi was the largest sewage treatment plant in Vietnam.

Working alongside the Hanoi People’s Committee on the design, construction, testing and commissioning works, Gamuda constructed a plant which could treat up to 40 percent of Hanoi’s wastewater every day.

Gamuda met the needs of a proper sewage system in Hanoi when it first expanded to Vietnam to transform the area through the construction of the plant and Yen So Park, the largest green park in Vietnam.

At the completion of the project, the water quality in surrounding rivers, lakes and drains drastically improved, which in turn delivered significant socio-economic benefits to residents of Hanoi.

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