What is a tree’s favourite day? Sun-day!
16 Sep 2023 | Gamuda

Or, for the lucky students at Westmead Public School, it was joining the Gamuda and Laing O’Rourke Consortium (GLC) team for Plant a Tree Day earlier this month.

The sustainability-led initiative is part of GLC’s ongoing community benefits program on the Sydney Metro West – Western Tunnelling Package. Twelve students from Grade 3 and 4 joined the GLC team to plant 20 native trees and a new veggie patch featuring 18 types of herbs. The students also met the people they see daily in “hi-vis” working on the new Sydney Metro Westmead Station site across the road from their school.

Westmead Public School students will look after these new plants in the future and learn how plants grow.

Construction of the twin metro tunnels from Sydney Olympic Park to Westmead is part of the Sydney Metro West – Western Tunnelling Package awarded in February 2022 to GLC.